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PROGRAM # 1 SWAT Club Team - local race competitions

SWAT Club Team competes in a recreational level league that is comprised of 6 teams/clubs from Southeastern Wisconsin area. Each team hosts a race on a Saturday beginning the 1st Saturday in January of each year for the athletes from all the clubs to compete in at their practice [home] ski hill. This recreational team offers children an excellent opportunity to improve their skiing skills, in addition to experiencing the excitement and team spirit that comes from ski racing competitions. The goal these competitions is "To provide an enjoyable club experience for the racers and families, while providing the best skiing/racing experience and athletic growth opportunity possible."

SWATeam's goal is to develop athletes with a lifelong passion for the sport of skiing, who learn to ski technically sound and race to the best of their ability.

SWAT's program is designed for athletes who want to race competitively in a recreational format. This program challenges each racer to become better fundamentally and to gain a better understanding of race tactics and techniques. It provides supervised training and race day coaching at each event. Our scheduled practice sessions includes 'three' [3] weekly training sessions at Alpine Valley Resort, East Troy, WI weather and snow conditions favorable and 6 races held on SATURDAYS beginning in January at ski hills in Wisconsin. Once race events begin in January we will have ‘two’ [2] training sessions a week, eliminating the Saturday practice, at Alpine Valley Resort.

Your athlete should be interested in training one weekday night and every weekend through the ski race season. This program challenges each racer to become better fundamentally and to gain a better understanding of race tactics and techniques. Athletes in this program receive approximately 140 hours of training and racing time during the season.

Athletes are required to participate in two [2] training sessions per week. NEW ATHLETES should plan to attend ALL practice session during the month of DECEMBER.

PARENT participation in the program is essential. No athlete under the age of 16 may be left alone without a parent/guardian on the premises where the scheduled event is being held; i.e., ALPINE VALLEY resort and the ski areas where the races are held - NO EXCEPTIONS. PARENTS are responsible for all travel to practices and race events. PARENTS are required to work 1 away race as a GATE JUDGE. FOR our home race at Alpine Valley all families need to provide a worker for the positions needing help.

Training sessions at Alpine Valley Resort for 2020-2021 season will be:

Saturday & Sunday mornings: 9:00 am to 12 noon.

Tuesday nights: 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Once racing begins on Saturdays in January of 2021 the Saturday AM training session will cease.

Currently the ski hills hosting races on SATURDAYS for the local competitions we travel to are:

SWATeam: Alpine Valley Resort, East Troy, WI

Parks Race Team: Sunburst Ski Area - Kewaskum, WI.

Ausblick Race Team: Ausblick Ski Area [Private hill] Sussex, WI

Heiliger Huegel Race Team: Holy Hill [Private hill] Hubertus, W

Lakers Race Team: Little Switzerland Ski Hill in Slinger, WI

Mad Alpine Team: Tyrol Basin, Mount Horeb, W


U-8 to U-12 … Ages 6 to 11 (as of December 31st of the current year)

• Training at Alpine Valley Resort, East Troy, Wisconsin.


• Must be able to load, ride and exit all chairlifts AT ALPINE VALLEY RESORT AND OTHER RACE

AREAS on their own.

• Coaches in this age group are refining your children's current skiing skills & techniques.

• Coaches address many of the basic fundamentals required to ski correctly.

• Athletes will train in giant slalom and have an introduction to slalom gates.

• Coaches provide a fun atmosphere as your children develop better skiing techniques, while participating in training drills.

• Saturday Competition Races: Class 5 & 6 race format will be 5 Giant Slalom courses & 1 Slalom course utilizing stubby gates. Each athlete will take 2 runs per race, offering challenging, but safe competition.

U-14 to U-18 … Ages 12 to 18 (as of December 31st of the current year)

• Training at Alpine Valley Resort, East Troy, Wisconsin.


• This age group, while still focusing on proper, fundamental skiing techniques, we begin to focus on racing techniques.

• Training courses and coaching in Slalom [SL] and Giant Slalom [GS].

• Progression is achieved through drills and running training courses.

• Saturday Competition Races: Class 1-4 athletes race format for the season will be divided as follows: 3 Giant Slalom courses and 3 Slalom courses. The competitions offer challenging, but safe competition. At each race each competitor will take 2 runs per race.

• Sessions for goal setting, physical conditioning planning and season planning.

• Access to all educational clinics hosted through out the year.

• Video analysis of practices and races, when time permits.

WHAT the SWAT CLUB TEAM PROGRAM FEES COVER, all Classes of racers:

  • Price includes the $60.00 racing fee to the competition organizer.
  • Price includes DRY LAND training on Sundays, beginning in September at Mukwonago High School track from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Price includes on-the-snow training on:
  • Tuesday nights - 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Saturday & Sunday mornings 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. The race season generally begins the first weekend in December and ends on the SUNDAY, after the last race weekend of the season for local competition racers. Dates to be announced. Opening depends on weather and snow conditions at Alpine Valley Resort who has snowmaking capabilities that help insure a full race season.
  • Price includes coaching at competition races along with:
  • Course inspection & instruction prior to each run.
  • Start assistance and course reports.
  • Ski inspection prior to each run.
  • Race run evaluation.
  • Video analysis, when available.
  • Session for goal setting, physical conditioning planning and season planning.
  •  Member receives a team sew-on patch for jacket, backpack or boot bags.
  • 1: 10 ratio coaching at training sessions.


• Season pass for Alpine Valley Resort (required). Obtain forms from the Alpine Valley web site and remit payment to Alpine Valley Resort.

• Lift tickets at the other ski areas on Saturday race days (required).

• Thanksgiving and/or Christmas camps when/if scheduled.

• Coaching/training at the U-14 & U16 Championship, additional fees will be charged if your child attends this event.

• Coaching/training at a Junior Olympic event.

• Coaching/training at a USSA event.

• Coaching/training at any other race event (out of division races) your child enters or qualifies for.

Thank you for allowing your children to race with S.W.A.Team Racing. We appreciate your support and your involvement in our racing program.

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