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Let’s Get Ready for Skiing & Practice!

Let’s talk about equipment and clothing…

  • Please note it is NOT the responsibility of the SWATeam Coaches to check your child’s equipment, nor should a coach adjust bindings due to liability concerns.
  • Please have your child come to training and races prepared and ready to ski.
  • Have their equipment checked out at a ski shop with certified personnel trained in this area. Have the ski shop technician explain to you how to re-set your child’s bindings.
  • Our coaches are available to assist and guide parents in equipment choices and binding settings. Please feel free to ask your child’s coach for recommendations.
  • Did you purchase NEW BOOTS for your child this season? Make sure they fit into the bindings on their skis!!

SKI BOOTS should be well fitted & flexible. Only ONE pair of socks should be worn at a time, bring an extra pair to change into on cold days; wet socks = cold feet!

SKIS with BINDINGS properly set by certified technicians trained in this area.


Mandatory for practice & races.

Unbreakable to protect the eyes.

We suggest:

Clear lenses for evening practices.

Tinted lenses for sunny days.

Possibly a 2nd pair

HELMETS - ARE MANDATORY! They must be worn for practice and on race day. Helmets should have “hard” shell protection around the ears … NO soft ears!


Dress for the weather—it’s winter time!

REMEMBER the temperatures on the chair lift and the ski hill are possibly colder than in your backyard. Layering works best! If you don’t wear it there, bring it along for warmth later. Better to have extra layers instead of standing outside freezing!

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