Southeastern Wisconsin Alpine Team Racing



SWATeam's high school program differs from the WJR progam in that it offers only TWO practice sessions weekly and then only ONE practice session weekly once Race Competitions begin in January.  The cost of this program is lower than the WJR program.  The practice sessions offered at Alpine Valley Resort are still the same days and times as the WJR program; only the HS athlete will attend either a Sunday morning practice or a Tuesday night practice.  They can switch as needed which day they will train and do not have to commit to Sunday only OR Tuesday night only.  Athletes in the High School program receive approximately 70 hours of training and racing time during the season.


SWATeam began this program for the HS student because come January of each year the HS athletes will be competing in HS race events each week and train with their high school teams.  Students and Parents found they did not have enough time for school work and SWATeam believes their education always comes before training! 


High School Program

This program will provide high school students (grades 9-12) or college racers who are looking for some ski race coaching/training in addition to that provided by their high school/college team to enhance their racing skills. High School athletes MUST be a member of a High School Race Team in order to get the discounted price.

HIGH SCHOOL Program Fee Includes:


•    For the MONTH OF DECEMBER.  The athlete can choose two (2) sessions between Saturday morning, Sunday morning OR Tuesday night. 

•    Once WJR competitions begin in January the athlete can choose one (1) training session - either Sunday mornings or Tuesday nights.  The SCHEDULED RACE ON SATURDAYS is counted as one session for the week. 
•    The $50.00 racing fee to WJR for racers in the WRJ program.
•    Dry land training.  The $50.00 Dryland training fee is a down payment towards the full fee.
•    1-10 ratio will be established during this morning session.
•    Training/coaching at Alpine Valley Resort on designated training days/nights.

•    Coaching at WJR races.
•    Coaching includes:

     •  Course inspection & instruction prior to each run. 
     •  Start assistance and course reports. 
     •  Ski inspection prior to each run.

     •  Race run evaluation.

     •  Video analysis, when available.