Southeastern Wisconsin Alpine Team Racing

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Instructions to enroll your athlete[s] in SWATeam

IF YOU ARE A NEW APPLICANT PLEASE GO TO OUR "CONTACT US" page and complete the form which will be sent to the SWATeam office.  IF you are already following STATWACK you may proceed with the payment and forms required to join SWATeam Racing.  THANK YOU!

SWATeam MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS and RELEASE FORMS are located on the LINKS page on STATWACK.  Program fees are listed on the APPLICATION.  Be sure to check the program you are enrolling your child[ren] in.  Tally your total due SWAT and click on the "BUY NOW" button to submit payment through PayPal. 

  1.  SWAT will receive an email from PayPal about the transaction.
  2.  COMPLETE the information requested on the APPLICATION.
  3.  COMPLETE and SIGN the RELEASE OF LIABILITY FORM and read over the information about the State of Wisconsin's & USSA Concussion Policy and SIGN the form.
  4.  SEND all three [3] forms to SWATeam to the address listed in the upper right corner on the application. 
  5.  The membership is NOT complete until SWATeam receives payment and all required FORMS by the DUE DATE, OCTOBER 27, 2019. So please don't pay and then forget to send us your forms or send forms and forget the payment. 
  6.  There is a LATE FEE if you are sending forms or paying after October 27th that must be applied to your total fee.  IF it is overlooked, SWATeam will send you an invoice for the amounts due.