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As a ski racing team, we are devoted to managing a program to allow athletes in the program the opportunity FIRST to POLISH THEIR SKIING SKILLS and to train them to compete in a Recreational Ski Race to the best of their ability. The coach's commitment is to make learning an exciting experience for the race students. They will encourage the athlete to learn from every opportunity and find the positive aspect in their skiing and racing skills. Their focus will be on developing well-rounded skills for levels of skiers beyond the beginner stage, prepare them for the technical and physical demands of ski racing to the best of their ability in a safe and enjoyable recreational ski team setting and encourage a love for skiing.


The SWATeam Inc., [Southeastern Wisconsin Alpine Team Racing, Inc.] program is founded on the philosophy that sound ski racing techniques develop from a strong skiing foundation and that the learning process should be a positive and fulfilling experience for the student racer. EARLY emphasizes is placed on LEARNING SKILLS AND FUNDAMENTALS and later emphasis is placed on practicing and testing these.


Ski Racing, like other sports, requires time and patience in learning fundamentals. During the learning process, it should be the goal of all involved to make the learning experience a positive and fulfilling one. The coach’s will direct the team’s focus and energy toward high quality racing experiences for the young racers.


As qualified coaches, we feel confident in our ability to give the best possible ski coaching to your athletes, and as coaches, we feel training is entirely our responsibility. Naturally, you will be curious as to your child’s progress and we encourage you to feel free to talk to your child’s coach before and after training should you have any concerns. We encourage the staff to communicate on a regular basis with the parents of the athletes they are responsible to train.

The SWATeam Coaching Staff is geared to training your athletes to compete in a Slalom and Giant Slalom race course. They follow training techniques found in the “SkillsQuest” program of the Alpine Training System [ATS] which is a system designed to assist coaches to motivate and reward athletes in working toward and improving abilities in the key areas of emphasis of the ATS.  It is a journey, a quest toward success in ski racing by focusing on skills. It will include activities and competencies for skiing skills, techniques and tactics, condition, equipment preparation, performance psychology and racer management.

The SkillsQuest system utilizes a systematic approach with a sequence of techniques or drills that move from one step to the next by introducing them one at a time, which leads to the movements that make up the final product. The athletes practice these skills until each movement becomes a reflex. So, what is SkillsQuest all about? It’s a program in the U.S. Ski Team’s Alpine Training System comprised of specific tasks to address pressure-, edge-, and rotational-control skills at different levels of athlete development. It is divided into 6 phases that consider age, maturity, and experience level in pursuit of long-term athlete development


SWATeam for the 2023-2024 race season will offer three [3] Alpine Ski Race Programs for all ability levels 7 years old through 18 years of age. The main difference between the --three group programs are the number of days/hours practicing, the amount and level of competition the athlete desires and the fees. Detailed information provided on the 'PROGRAM' page

  • PROGRAM #1 SWAT CLUB team - local competitions only.
  • PROGRAM # 2 USSA Team [United States Ski & Snowboard Association]  Local and traveling competitions.
  • PROGRAM # 3 HIGH SCHOOL Program. Two sessions a week training: Saturday & Sunday mornings.  

All the training programs provide the following seven categories.

  1. Directed Free Skiing: Provides the optimal environment for skiers to learn technique and apply their skills to the demands of terrain and snow conditions.                                                                              "Directed" refers to skiing with technical goals in mind. These goals come from the coaches and instruction.
  2. Turn Techniques: Giant Slalom and Slalom runs. Covers information that teaches how the intensity, duration and timing of movements determine the size, shape and speed of turns. They will receive an explanation of carved turns, a description of body movements and ski action and a list of turn characteristics.
  3. Skill Development: Covers skiing exercises that are designed to enhance race performance through the development of technique.
  4. Gate Drills: Athletes will be taught gate combinations, Slalom and Giant Slalom. Athletes will practice drills appropriate to their age group and/or ability that develop both technical and tactical skills.
  5. Course Description: Athletes will be taught how to technically race through the different courses set. They will learn how to race courses that flow with good tempo, uses of terrain and challenging turns.
  6. Race Procedures: The older athletes will learn about course setting, start and finish procedures and selected rules that racers should know.
  7. Tactics: Athletes will learn about selecting proper and maintaining their equipment, sharpening skis, waxing techniques, etc. They will learn how to select the proper equipment for the type of race course they are running and about protective gear for the types of races.


Members and parents, or responsible guardian, must pay the fees, complete and sign all the required forms BEFORE their child can participate in any SWATeam program.

Your athlete needs to:

* Be 7 years of age by the end of the current year. Athletes born in 2016 and before are eligible.

* Athletes must possess a skiing ability beyond the INTERMEDIATE stage AND beyond CHRISTIE turns. You need to ask yourself "How does my child turn?" Christie turns? Parallel turns?

  • NEW MEMBERS !st year athletes with NO previous ski racing experinece in competitions need to attend all three of the scheduled DECEMBER practice sessions which usually begin the 1st weekend in December.
  • Our ratio of coaching the U10 to U12 groups is 6-8 athletes each coach and U14 to U18 group 8-11 athletes each coach. This ratio may vary at times due to the availability coaching staff.


Your athletes age by the end of the 2023 year [12-31-2023].

Under 10 years of age? U10 = 8 & 9 year olds

Under 12 years of age? U12 = 10 & 11 year olds

Under 14 years of age? U14 = 12 & 13 year olds

Under 16 years of age? U16 = 14 & 15 year olds

Under 18 years of age? U18 = 16 & 17 year olds


SWATeam's ON-THE-HILL Training sessions are a 10-11 continuous week program held at Alpine Valley Resort, East Troy, WI. December is the main month training with drills and setting courses to prepare the athletes to compete in SLALOM or GIANT SLAMON COMPETITIONS on BIG THUNDER run.  We strive to begin training the 1st weekend in December and through the HOLIDAYS. January and February session are Saturday - RACE DAY and Sunday and Tuesday nights - on-the-hill training. 

Practices for the 2023-2024 season are scheduled for, but subject to change:

  • Saturday & Sunday mornings: 3 hour session: 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon OR at times training sessions may begin at 7:00am or 7:30am ending at 10:00am or 10:30am on weekends. 
  • Tuesday nights: 2 1/2 hour session:  6:00.p.m. to 8:30.p.m.
  • ALL athletes are required to attend at least two [2] training sessions per week throughout the scheduled season. 
  • Other competitions at the end of the season are: Wisconsin State High School state meet, USSA race events, Qualifiers for the Junior Championships, or end of season race events hosted by various resorts in the state. Unsupervised practices for that time period will posted as they happen. with the approval of Alpine Valley Resort. One or two coaches will be at the hill for the time period allowed and set a practice course [SL or GS] for the athletes to continue their training. The athletes can come and go as they like and they will not be assigned to any particular coach or group to work with.

If your ATHLETES skiing skills meet out requirements and our scheduled practice sessions meets your athletes needs, please complete the contact us form with the appropriate information and a SWATeam office will contact you. During the SKI RACE SEASON, this may be weeks to a month before contact.


First of all SWATeam would like to "Thank You" for your interest in enrolling your child[ren] to ski, race and compete with SWATeam Racing, Inc. We hope that everyone finds a mutually satisfying experience. We truly value your respect and trust we can continue to earn it in the years to come. Each year, as SWATeam Racing undergoes improvements the quality of skiing gets better and better and we believe our program improves steadily as well. It is our goal to assure that your child[ren] look forward to skiing and racing, not only with SWATeam, but for life!


  • A parent or legal guardian must be present at the ski areas for the entire practice or race session. We are not comfortable with  dropping off your athletes for training or racing and leaving the resort areas.  
  • Allow the coaches to train your athlete, this is what you pay us to do. TRUST the process and the coaches.
  • Be supportive of your Athlete[s] goals and accomplishments
  • Help out/VOLUNTEER at the Races
  • Encourage your athlete[s] to set goals in skiing & racing
  • Communicate with the coaches
  • Set examples of "Good Sportsmanship"
  • Ask Questions
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for all transportation to and from the races and practice sessions, as well as, the cost of the season pass to Alpine Valley Resort for practices and lift tickets at the other ski areas hosting the race event.
  • Parents are responsible for the behavior of their child[ren] at all practices and races.
  • Parents are required to 'volunteer' at race events to act as gatekeepers.. We assign 2 people for each group of racers to gate keep one run. For the SWAT Club Team race the team hosts at Alpine Valley each family is expected to volunteer to help out. If you have never worked a race before ... don't worry we will teach you. SWATeam encourages all parents of younger racers to remain at Alpine Valley Resort during practice and other ski areas during races. 

VOLUNTEER participation is vital to the success of the SWATeam Program and the 6 scheduled race competitions during the season. Your effort does make a difference! To help us provide successful race competitions for all athletes PLEASE VOLUNTEER on race days.



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