Southeastern Wisconsin Alpine Team Racing

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Southeastern Wisconsin Alpine Team Racing, Inc.

Hello and Welcome to S.W.A.Team Racing, one of the most successful junior race programs in the Midwest.


Southeastern Wisconsin Alpine Team Racing, Inc., was incorporated by the State of Wisconsin on July 18, 2001 as a "corporation organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to train amateur athletes in the sport of ski racing under Chapter 181 of the Wisconsin State Statues, within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986."


UPDATE for  RACE TEAM 2020-2021 PROGRAM:  September 16, 2020 

MESSAGE TO FAMILIES  with athletes on our waiting list for the 2020-2021 season.  Any inquires received after February 15, 2020 were placed on SWATeam's 2nd waiting list. Due to COVID-19 we don't expect to contact you until early OCTOBER to let you know the status of your pending membership.  Most families on the waiting list your athletes had their new applicant "EVALUATIONS" for our race training program in January, February or March 2020.  We will be evaluating in late September if our team will be able to add your athlete to our roster and then contact you.  

The above policies are constantly being evaluated for the new season and we will update our web site as changes are made.  


Join us for a season of FUN and RACING!  S.W.A.Team Racing offers three Alpine Ski Race Programs for athletes 6* years old through high school.  Athlete’s abilities, motivation, goals, competitive drive and other characteristics help the coaches determine along with the parents which program will be best for their child.  Our coaches  take proficient PARALLEL skiers and train them to compete in recreational downhill ski races offered in Southeastern Wisconsin.  For the 2020-2021 ski season SWATeam WILL NOT accept any applicants who DO NOT WANT TO PARTICIPATE ON RACE DAYS.  

In ski racing, “winning or losing is tenths or even hundredths of a second, which is the differences in a few degrees of rotation, a degree or two of edge angle and when the ski is pressured along its length. These are all very small and sometimes imperceptible amounts. SkillsQuest drills allow the skier to learn to make these minute adjustments unconsciously.” ~SkillsQuest Evaluator Manual

So, what is SkillsQuest all about? It’s a program in the U.S. Ski Team’s Alpine Training System comprised of specific tasks to address pressure-, edge-, and rotational-control skills at different levels of athlete development. It is divided into 6 phases that consider age, maturity, and experience level in pursuit of long-term athlete development.

We can assist you to determine which program you would like to enroll your athlete in.  Athletes who are looking for higher competition in USSSA & FIS programs also fit into our program.  Athletes with prior racing experience, please indicate on our 'Contact Us' form where you raced and the team name. Athletes with prior or current racing experience will be on a priority waiting list.  



All teams have individual programs coached by certified coaches under the direction of Program Director/Head Coach, George Loomans. The S.W.A.Team Racing program has produced numerous League champions, Junior Olympians through our USSA Programs, USSCSA, and Wisconsin High School state individual champions along with High School Championship teams over the past 40+ years. SWATeam is proud to announce FOUR of our USSA elite athletes were chosen for the USSA Central Division Team!  The "USSA CENTRAL TEAM" is an elite group of racers and represents the best in the USSA Central Division.  Our talented and experienced coaching staff is second to none in the Midwest.

The Club staff works very closely with all facets of Alpine Valley Ski Resort management to ensure that, while providing the athletes with all necessary training opportunities, the impact on the skiing and riding public is kept to a minimum. On race days, it may be necessary to close a trail, or a portion of a trail to ensure the safety of the racers and the public.  Alpine Valley has agreed to allow SWATeam to practice at their hill on designated days of the week.  IF, snow conditions, weather, or other circumstances causes SWATeam to cancel and/or Alpine Valley decides to close due to other circumstances, Alpine Valley Resort is NOT obligated to give the team a make-up date to reschedule. 


Our programs DO NOT OFFER ANY "Learn to Ski or Ski Better" ski lessons. SWATeam coaches train proficient parallel skiers to compete in ski racing.  If your athletes skiing skills have out grown traditional ski school lessons and they are interested in recreational competition, then you have come to the right site and may want to consider our programs.

* For Children age 6 joining SWATeam the U8-U12 Coaches require a 'skiing' parent/guardian to be present & participate during practices and on RACE DAY to assist in getting the younger athletes on and off the chair lifts safely.  The parent/guardian will be required to purchase a lift ticket at Alpine Valley Resort or ski area hosting races or have a season pass to Alpine Valley.  Please complete the "CONTACT FORM" that will be sent to our office for further instructions on requirements for athletes 6 years of age.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 6. 

THANK YOU for visiting SWATeam Racing, Inc.  We look forward to coaching your athletes.