Southeastern Wisconsin Alpine Team Racing

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PROGRAM #2  United States Ski Association Programs


The USSA/FIS programs are for the ELITE racer with multiple years of ski racing experience who is a MEMBER OF THE UNITED STATES SKI AND SNOWBOARD ASSOCIATION [USSA].  This program is available for racers wishing to pursue competition on a Regional and National level and they are sponsored by the Central USSA office in this region. SWAT will provide a traveling coach for three [3]  USSA sanctioned two [2] or three [3] day competition events throughout Wisconsin, Michigan, Miinnesota and Illinois.  Athletes in this program have previous racing experience and practice three to four times a week. 


USSA programs is available for racers wishing to pursue competition on a Regional and National level AND are willing to travel to do so.  Each racer in the USSA program must have a "Competitor" USSA card to participate AND register, pay fees and complete additional forms in the USSA Central Division.  Appropriate FEES and APPLICATIONS are available through the USSA web site. SWATeam coaches will provide all training sessions as described in the SWAT CLUB TEAM program PLUS one additional weekly session as determined by the coach.  


SWAT is located in Region 2 Central Division of USSA.  SWAT athletes in this program will receive approximately 250 hours of training at Alpine Valley Resort and racing during the season.  SWAT will provide supervised training and race day supervision at 3 - 4 events (TBA) during the ski season.

USSA races run multiple days; require considerable travel and expenses not covered in the SWATeam application fee.  You must be a member of USSA and also register in the Region 2 program.   Both of these programs have additional fees you must pay for your athlete to participate in.  You will be charged a fee by the USSA organization [which you join/register for first] and then another additional fee that will be paid to the Central Region 2 USSA program.  All travel expenses and costs for lift tickets at the respective Ski Hills hosting the competitions are at your own cost.



How do you decide if your athlete is ready for USSA competitions? 

1.  Your athlete is SCORING in the top 5 of their class [not just in the top 5 against their team mates] at most competition events.

2.  Your athlete is exceeding their potential and is interested in competing at a higher level.

3.  You [the parent] are willing to pay the additional fees required by USSA and CUSSA for your child to compete in and travel to and from the USSA events.

4.   Talk to your athletes coach!


FYI:  USSA races are held in the following states:  Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois & Upper and Lower Michigan.  Your athlete will be competing with athletes from multiple states; Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan & Minnesota who are also finishing in the top 5 in their classes.